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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

@PepiSmartDog's advice to @ShiloSiberian or "Crossing Over the Rainbow Bridge"

@PepiSmartDog said beautifully:

     "@ShiloSiberian So very sorry about Sara. Please know she is here with us OTRB & we will take very good care of her.  She had a wonderful Welcome Banquet where we had all sorts of grains & greens imaginable! She even joined the Conga line!  She sleeps with us on our #ComfyCuddleCloud, with all us anipals here OTRB. We have shown her our Waving Cloud too, where we go everyday 2 wave 2 our families. Remember 2 look up = U'll KNOW it's Sarah by the flickering star, that's HER waving to U.
     Times when you wonder if Sara is really alright OTRB, please take time to sit down, turn volume on high, for the music and join us Over The Rainbow Bridge.  Beautiful.
     When the day arrives that you find yourself standing at the Rainbow Bridge, Sara will be there waiting for you and U & her will be together again...forever. But while she waits, she will be surrounded by friends, & laugh & fly free & eat anything & be able to do everything ! But she will never forget U. She loves U. Sara knows U love her too.  HUGS HUGS XXX"

Thank you @PepiSmartDog for comforting @ShiloSiberian and family, and all of us left on this side of The Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you SO much!

This is not Sara, but an image used to show her flying freely.

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  1. PepiSmartDog: Sarah also enjoyed a wonderful Welcome Banquet where we served beautiful Grains & Greens just for her ! I didn't know she had such a sweet tooth (beak).....should have seen her when she saw the desserts! BOL !