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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gunner - @tweetypie54

It took me a while before I was able to write this but I think now is fine.  I read last Thursday that Gunner was going to be put down because the vet suggested that it would be the best thing for him.  I had a VERY difficult time hearing this since I had just begun to know him.  That wasn't the only reason, of course, I always take it REALLY hard when I hear that someone is passing OTRB.  Gunner hit me hard in my heart though.  I've talked to his family quite often since then, and he's written in his blog since then and I feel like he's still around.  
  I was really lucky, I sent him a Halloween card and he took a picture with it before this happened.  We (myself and SO many of his friends) sat on the #porchwithGunner when he was sick before that and we got a beautiful picture of us all together.  I am lucky to have these memories!  I was told after that, that he was normally much more likely to be in his signature black sunglasses, so when I saw the above picture, I had to post it instead of  mine with the Halloween card...besides, that's a permanent fixture on the sidebar! *grin*
  What I really wanted to say here is that we're sad to have seen you go Gunner, but we're so happy that you're OTRB with so many of our other anipals!  Happiness, warmth and plenty of noms... what could be better?  So here's to you Gunner, we ALL love you SO much!


  1. Aww Thank U so much for this ,Gunner would hav luv it too !He luved gettin cards so much & he always wanted 2 play with them LOL

    Sheila/Gunner RB

  2. Awww - very very lovely post. M & I cried buckets the day Gunner crossed the bridge. But we are happy for him now, and are so happy he comes back across the bridge to talk. That is one doggie dat touched the lives of so many.