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Friday, November 12, 2010

Nimbus and Diabetes

(a.k.a. Crown Prince Joseph A. Nimbus of Iowa)

Most of us know TSB and Nimbus and his fur-siblings on both Facebook and Twitter @UsThreeCoons ~
Well, TSB has been hit hard by the economy and lack of good jobs.  She is struggling to buy Nimbus his insulin because she has to use human insulin which is quite expensive.  I decided to try to give them a Christmas gift by raising money to help pay for his insulin for a couple of months.  I have a Chipin widget here on my blog (right at the top right) and I was hoping that everyone could throw in a dollar or more to help them out.  Christmas is coming soon! Nimbus will be a warm purring kitty knowing that we care! *hugs* to you all! I know you're such generous spirits!


  1. That is so nice of you to do that, I didn't realize, but I should have. Tomorrow is green paper day so I'll be back.

  2. Will try to get money from next pay from papa dear Nimbus; Does Nimbus take Lantus? I could send you a human pen with tops if that would help. Mama used to share pop's insulin with our Iggy. I am not sure if that would work; If you can check with your vet, we can send you a pen, it would last a long time. Make sure that its ok to take the human type of lantus insulin. XO

  3. Honeybell: he does. I'm not sure how the pen works though, or how to control the doses etc. he was prescribed the vial so that's what we've always done. we've been thinking about switching to levemir though, but haven't heard from the vet yet.
    Brian: yes, she IS a sweetie isn't she?
    Hemmingwayscat: I've said it so many times, thank you!