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I'm a woman obsessed with cats. In this blog, I channel my absent Siamese cat named Angel. She lives with my family in this blog, 3 teenagers, a 4 year old boy and a 15 month old little girl. Life is complicated here. We twitter often, but be prepared for teenage interruptions as well as baby moments... Hope you find it interesting here....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Past Lives

Life has been very busy and difficult lately, so for your reading/viewing pleasure, I'd like to let you read some of my past journals, see pictures, etc.

My first journal was hosted at Livejournal. The link is My Nine Lives.

My Mom keeps a flickr account where you can see pictures of me, my family and many cats that have come and gone (Mom has been a foster parent). The link is TherapyCatGuardian's Flickr.

And last but not least, Mom always thught of me as bucky Katt's inspiration. She has a Flickr group for us here! Bucky Katt's Flickr Group.

Hope you enjoy this while we take a short break and look for a home!

Love you guys!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm still alive!

I haven't been posting because Mom has had NO time at all to type. Be patient, the weekend is coming!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sleep is a Necessity

Oh yes, sleep is something we all need to keep sane. Mom has fibromyalgia and needs extra sleep but works nights so she has to try to nap during the day. The little baby girl is home during the day though so Mom doesn't get much opportunity. Then the teenagers arrive home from school. This is after a LONG day of running errands and taking care of the baby. Teenagers sleep only when they want and never understand why others might want to.

One day I might "accidentally" pierce someone (teenagerish) while they're trying to sleep to pay them back for today. I've never seen Mom so crabby in my life. One (teenager) was looking for cookies, one wanted to watch his anime on the computer, the girl has strep throat and was also trying to sleep...now that was funny, Have you ever seen two women as crabby as can be take over the house when they need rest/ Watch everyone run for cover...I laughed in glee! MOL

Now it's strawberry eating time... The baby girl is a mess!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Very Long Day

Mom cleaned all last week. She cleaned so much that she only wanted to sleep this weekend. It got boring... The blond boy (3 y.o.) decided that since she was asleep and no one at home would yell at him, he would see what kind of destruction he could cause. At least it was his toys this time. Last week he got up in the middle of the night and took a bag of flour and decorated the entire kitchen floor with it. EVERYTHING was white... Poor Mom went out of her mind with trying to get rid of that! I have learned to completely avoid that child...too much excitement and you never know what's going to happen.

He also got a wagon and took it to the park with Mom and the baby. Well, he figured out how to speed down the hill in it. Mom is afraid of what her little "daredevil" will come up with in the future. Also, she's afraid to see what he's going to help his little sister learn to do. *shudder*

...and the teenagers who stayed home were, as they call it, bumps on a log... Good warm things to sleep on... I think I prefer them right now....

An Introduction to My Life

My name is Angel. I'm a seal point, traditional siamese . My mom lost me in a bad breakup, so she still lives with me in her heart and mind. she "channels" my essence as if I do live here... Here being a very crazy place!

Let me explain. Mom has a son who is in college and is 21. He does not live here and we haven't seen him in a while. The people who do live here are, Mom, The oldest girl who is 16. The nephew who is 16 also. The semi-older brother who is 14. The destructive but crazy cute almost 4 year old boy. the last, but not least, is the adorable and lovable, even if she can be exasperating 10 month old little girl.

Everyone has to be constantly entertained and the computer is often kidnapped by one of them...sometimes even the 3 year old.

Mom tries hard to get here and chat with you wonderful anipals from twitter, and will do it as much as possible. She is very happy to help me keep up with my friends. Hope you're happy to see me too!

That is a quick description of the people I live with. I should add more later about certain amusing situations...We'll see!