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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spooky - A New Friend!

This week at #Nipclub I made a new furriend.  His name is @Spookyshorty - Spooky for short.  I also met his human. I enjoyed talking with them so very much! We had quite a bit in common. I was told about Spookys lymphoma and that he's going to need chemotherapy.  well you know me, I want to help everyone, so I set up a chipin for him.  I can't wait to see how much we can raise to help him out.  He'll need #healingpaw and #pawcircle too, and when he goes for his chemo we'll have a #SpookyPorch.  Here's someone who needs anipal furriends, take the time to look him up and follow him.  He and his human are amazing beings...you'll be happy to know them!

-Angel (Hemmingwayscat)

Here is his story, and his chipin will follow AND be on the right sidebar of my bloggie.  Pull a dollar out and throw it in to show that you care for the health and happiness of anipals and their humans.  You'll feel wonderful when you hear that Spooky is all better!  You will have helped!

My name is Spooky I am 13 years old and I have lymphoma. I am trying to raise enough money to keep my chemotherapy treatments going, I have 19 more weeks of chemotherapy treatments. The estimated costs are $5000.00.
I had a mass in my colon, my colon perforated when they attempted a bioposy. I, Spooky, was rushed into surgery, after 5 hours I was put in ICU. They had to drop my pelvis to get to the mass. The operation was a success, the entire mass was removed and the colon that was re-attached was FREE of cancer.
I have been getting chemotherapy, I am doing exceptionally well. I amaze my doctors.
Any amount will be gladly accepted, no matter how small.
visit this story and see photos at
you make make donations to tazzy92796@aol.com pay pal account, check/money order to" NYC Veterinary specialists 410 west 55th Street NY NY 10019 please put Spooky [Shorty] #21045 on the bottom. Or by credit card to 212-767-0099 ask for Vivian of Frankies friends
Thank you for your generosity.


  1. Way to be tuff, Spooky! Keep it up! Happy to "Chip In" for you. :) XoX ~Bad Andy

  2. You sure is an amazing kitty Spooky and we can't wait for the day when your Mama tells us you are all better again *headbonks* xx