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Saturday, January 15, 2011

#SpookyPawty Menu

1. Fountain Cake
2. An Awful Lot of Tuna
3. Marinated Steak Dinner
4. Bacon Pizza Burger XXL
5. Bacon Ice Cream
6. Lime/Nip Delicioso Drink
7. The Pink Drink!
8. Mint, Ice Cream, Nip Cake
9. Strawberry Daquiri With or W/o Nip
10. Red Red Wine
11. Piles of Veggies for the Herbivores Among Us!
12. FourLoko Energy Drinks
13. Flaming Spooky Drinks
14. Super Tuna Salad
15. Chocolate Nip Cake
16. Carrot Nip Cake
17. Butterfly Cake
18. Triple Super Burger with Bacon
19. Shirley Temple With or W/O Nip
20. Bacon Martini
21. Bacon Gumballs
22. Bacon Fixins
23. Bacon Dates
24. Bacon Bar Beer
25. Bacon Beer
26. Bacon Pillow
27. Bacon Mug
28. Liquid Courage
29. Absynthe Cocktail
30. A Bacon Only Sandwich
31. Rare Steak yummy!
32. Super Bacon Burger
33. Meat and Egg Plate
34. Bangkok Cooler

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