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Sunday, January 16, 2011

#SpookyPawty - Be The Change For Animals

Six Simple Questions - Or Are They?

1.What is the name of your cause? 

The name of my cause until he's done with his chemotherapy, is #Spookypawty

2. How does this benefit animals in need?

I chose one animal in need at this moment. I'm also working on Spay Day but that is not the purpose of this Change For Animals. @Spookyshorty on Twitter is a 13 year old kitty with Lymphoma. He's had surgery and removed a mass and is healing well but needs expensive chemotherapy treatments for the next few months. How could I not help this beautiful animal when he's going to live because of having this treatment? It would be cruel and unusual punishment to deny him life when he's got it and just needs some medication!

Spooky's typists own words: "My name is Spooky I am 13 years old and I have lymphoma. I am trying to raise enough money to keep my chemotherapy treatments going, I have 19 more weeks of chemotherapy treatments. The estimated costs are $5000.00.
I had a mass in my colon, my colon perforated when they attempted a bioposy. I, Spooky, was rushed into surgery, after 5 hours I was put in ICU. They had to drop my pelvis to get to the mass. The operation was a success, the entire mass was removed and the colon that was re-attached was FREE of cancer.
I have been getting chemotherapy, I am doing exceptionally well. I amaze my doctors.

3. Clearly lay out your call to action.

I threw a party today called #Spookypawty and invited everyone I could so that we could have a great time and raise money for Spooky. I put together a menu, had barktenders and DJ's (originally other pawty planners ideas, not mine) and we just got together under the hashtag of #Spookypawty (using Twitter) and mingled, danced, talked and had a great time! There were quizzes, people had donated prizes so we had even more incentive for anipals and their people/typists/staffpeople to be there. We all donated by chipin.com by saying that we were "tipping the DJs and Barktenders". It's a concept thought up by others, but a plan that works well.

4. What goal would you like to achieve? 

 To eventually raise $5000 for Spooky's medication. We got 25% of the way there today. I plan to throw another pawty next month as this money will cover the costs for this month. It's an exciting goal!

5. Why is this cause important to you? 

 It's part of my effort in No-Kill Nation. I'm planning much more but right now, one small step at a time!

6. How may you be reached for questions regarding your campaign? 

Twitter = @Hemmingwayscat
 E-mail = therapycatguardian @ yahoo dot com


  1. Hi sweety! I´m just come to visit you and say hi :)) God bless you purrrs

  2. Really great idea! Sorry I couldn't make the #spookpawty over the weekend!