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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spooky and Danny

    Lillian (Spooky and Danny's Mom) wrote to me and said this about their treatments:

Right now I have 2 cats going through chemotherapy.  Danny just started yesterday chemo & I've been told he needs to get chemo every week for 6 weeks straight. This is to treat his mass aggressively, to halt its growth & shrink it so Danny can go into remission.
    Its not easy right now caring for 2 cats on chemo, I must keep them both seperate from each other & my other cats. Because after chemotherapy Spooky can have bouts of soft stools at anytime due to chemo & having the removal of the part of colon that holds stools in until he is ready to have bowel movement. Be highly toxic to healthy cats & myself.
Danny, too now must be kept away from the other cats & Spooky since gets a different drug protocol from Spooky's.
    Danny's side effects aren't known right now, he may get diarrhea, he may vomit, & that to is highly toxic.  
Even though both are getting chemo both are receiving very different drugs & strengths Spooky who is heavier gets a higher dose then Dannny who weighs way less. Neither one can have the others body fluids (stool or urine) touch each other by getting on their feet & ingesting it & the body fluids cannot touch my other cats who are healthy. 
    I must also be careful handling litter boxes by scooping feces & cleaning them up. I must wear gloves that is how toxic it is.
I now must keep these 2 apart in different rooms which means extra care & work. When I am home they must be monitored carefully with each other & my other cats. Danny being frail must use precaution on jumping & handling. & protected should another cat 'sense difference' & might threaten Danny or Spooky to defend themselves.
    Chemo for Danny & Spooky will land on the same day every few weeks.
Danny will receive chemo every week for 6 weeks. Spooky every 3 weeks.
Spooky will be getting an ultrasound in a few weeks too & his oncologist said "with his coming to his 1 year operation & last months of 1 year protocol he too may need to get chemo weekly" if they want to treat aggressively. After ultrasound he may continue on chemo to keep him in remission even after his 1 year protocol is up.
    Danny is going to get his for 1 year his oncologist told me this morning.


  1. Oh man, that poor kitty mom certainly does have her hands full. I did go to his chipin page and made a small donation over there today. Thanks for the update. I'm sure a lot of pals don't know there are two in the same family.

  2. Oh dear, what an ordeal. I'm so sorry. xox

  3. I'm very sorry...this must be pretty hard on the kittehs and human. What kind of cancer is this? Colon cancer? Feline Leukemia? How old are Danny and Spooky? I hope they make a turn around- animals are incredible healers and all things are possible!
    ♥puppy the guinea pig

  4. I was able to look further back in the blog to see the story explaining what is going on with spooky- lymphoma mass removed with clean margins (no cancer, good prognosis, part of colon removed during surgery when lymphoma mass was excised). Spooky has a good prognosis if he can get the chemo he needs. I hope the #spookypawty's are a strong success.