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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Toothless (has plenty of teeth) for Mardi Gras!

He's a Mardi Gras kind of rat!
  We're going to have to give him and his brother away because of the landlord, but while they're here, they're going to have fun! P.S. They're going to a good home!


  1. Oh dear - so sorry you has to give dem away. Darn landlords - what harm can a pet rat do anyway!

  2. OMC you must have fun "playing" with him! Ever nommed on him?

  3. Hmmm.... I wish him luck in his new home (and I only thought about having a little nom)

  4. Thanks for bringing Toothless to the Anipal Photo Hunt! I didn't know I'd find a rat! LOL.

    Cokie the Cat

  5. We only pretend to nom on them (he has a shy brother Max) and it's more like scritching their backs (which they love)...Rats can breed and be unsanitary...NOT! Landlords are the real vermin!

  6. Those beads look awfully cute on toothless! At least I'm glad you could find a good home for them.

  7. Love toothless and his beads!
    Don't love the landlord :(

  8. Toothless is so cute! I love good homes :<)
    thanks fur sharing him with us.

  9. Dat makes us sad, your landlord is so misinformed. I go out on my P-AT visits with at least two rats every trip and they usually end up being the "stars" of the visit. We LOVE rats. We also knowz you're sending your fur sib to a good home. Sending extra love for your loss.