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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eulogy for @Mulder_Cat by @SpookyShorty

At 4:32pm on January 5, 2011, Spookyshorty said…

Mulder_Cat who was only 15 years old has just went OTRB, he bravely battled cancer, for 14 months. Mulder_Cat has been an inspiration to all who are battling cancer & many illnesses. Mulder_Cat has left behind a sister Scully_Cat & dad Staff. Most of all Mulder_Cat has left us many good memories, & has shown us not to lose our sense of humor, & has given us much Hope. Mulder_Cat you will be deeply missed here on earth, please look out for those who are crossing OTRB & guide them there safely. We will all meet again until then, thank you for sharing your life with us.

-Spooky and Lillian


  1. This is Mulder's staffperson. Thank you for the wonderful eulogy. I'm constantly amazed and touched by all the friends Mulder has via Twitter. Chemotherapy kept Mulder going for more than a year. I hope Spooky has even better success with his.

  2. Spooky - You're so right. Mulder taught us many wonderful things, especially about hope. I hope you have as much success with your chemo as Mulder had with his.

    @Hemmingwayscat - thank you for letting Spooky guest blog.