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I'm a woman obsessed with cats. In this blog, I channel my absent Siamese cat named Angel. She lives with my family in this blog, 3 teenagers, a 4 year old boy and a 15 month old little girl. Life is complicated here. We twitter often, but be prepared for teenage interruptions as well as baby moments... Hope you find it interesting here....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sleep is a Necessity

Oh yes, sleep is something we all need to keep sane. Mom has fibromyalgia and needs extra sleep but works nights so she has to try to nap during the day. The little baby girl is home during the day though so Mom doesn't get much opportunity. Then the teenagers arrive home from school. This is after a LONG day of running errands and taking care of the baby. Teenagers sleep only when they want and never understand why others might want to.

One day I might "accidentally" pierce someone (teenagerish) while they're trying to sleep to pay them back for today. I've never seen Mom so crabby in my life. One (teenager) was looking for cookies, one wanted to watch his anime on the computer, the girl has strep throat and was also trying to sleep...now that was funny, Have you ever seen two women as crabby as can be take over the house when they need rest/ Watch everyone run for cover...I laughed in glee! MOL

Now it's strawberry eating time... The baby girl is a mess!

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