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Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog the Change 4 Animals - Sponsor if you Cannot Adopt

Katie - Mom's Sponsor Kitty
Mom's a rescuer.  She has been since she was sixteen.  Mom will rescue any animal but there are certain ones that tug on her heartstrings. Mom has become a special needs animal rescuer and sponsor.  She started with a cat with a gangrened leg. She was brought into the vet where mom worked. The owner wanted to put her to sleep.  Mom offered to take her and pay for the amputation that the cat needed.  Mom took her home afterwards and she said that this girl kitty was the happiest cat she's ever known. Next Mom took in a kitten at 3 weeks with a blocked ureter, she needed immediate surgery and Mom had it done.  Mom called her "Monkey Cat" because she hung on Mom's neck all the time like a monkey. 
Mom then started a no-kill shelter with a friend of hers. They'd worked together at other shelters and made a great match.  The shelter is Paws and Purrs Humane Society.  Mom became known as the difficult case rescuer there. She took care of all of the sick or dying or the animals that were very feral-like.
  Mom found that you can't keep or rescue all of the animals that you want to.  She found North Shore Animal League America and discovered that she could sponsor cats that had special needs and loved it.  Those cats were animals that she wanted to help but physically and financially could not take them all in.  Sponsoring was a wonderful alternative in her mind. 
  Scarlett was her first. She was a mother cat who went into a fire to rescue her kittens.  She suffered many burns from that and needed much special care.  Scarlett died eventually and NSAL assigned Katie to Mom (shown in picture above). Katie has a severe case of Ceberellar hypoplasia otherwise known as CH. She lives too far away and Mom had kids that needed her that made fostering or adoption impossible.  Mom is still sponsoring Katie to this day.
  My point, now that I've been able to reach it, is that there are many animals who cannot be easily fostered or adopted, or families who can't foster or adopt for one reason or another. Instead of giving up, do what Mom did and sponsor an animal.  Sponsoring provides money that foster families or shelters need to keep these cats alive and healthy instead of being euthanized. There are so many shelters who are set up to do this. It's satisfying and life saving.  And animals all over will be grateful for their warm beds, full tummies, and love.
  If you use Twitter I suggest, along with hashtags such as #TweetAPetTues, also use #UnableToAdoptSponsor for animals that could use sponsoring, or for yourself as an animal sponsor.  Be the Change 4 Animals!


  1. Yes! Great post... not everyone can foster (for various reasons), but sponsoring is a wonderful way to help!

  2. You are one great person who is doing very good work. What an inspiratio you are.