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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad News

I found out today that we may not have a place to live for a month or so and thus be homeless. So tired... Mom doesn't know how to go on. 4 kids and she adores them all. Fortunately I'm here in spirit.

For those in similar situations, here are some important links. Nobody wants to give their companion animal away because of being homeless..

Choosing Pets Over Shelter

Pets of the Homeless

Homeless People's Pets aren't Homeless

Domestic Violence Pet Support Program

Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims

Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence Resources

Mom's been through this before. It's one of the reasons I'm not with her now. She has a cat staying with her father (A kindhearted soul he is!) She wants to move back in with both 'Cuddles' and her father. It will eventually happen! Funny thing is that she's been in animal rescue for the past 16 years. 6 of those years she has been saving her own (animals and kids). Give her a hearty clap and a #pawcircle so we can all get through this. She wants to just go to sleep and just wake up on the other end of this nightmare! She still loves us all and wants to get on her feet again and rescue again... A woman worth knowing!

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  1. I first met You on twitter when the dogs were doing a dawg pawty and raising money for pet charity's. I don't know how you have kept your Emotional & Mental strength thru all of your trials & tribualtions! I Know it can't be easy. I've Been rich,I've been broke, Money seems to be like the tide for so many of us!Up & down. so came the term "Money Is like the Tide".. Sadly right now many people are suffering financially? For those who have been fortunate in great careers or born into money they wouldn't understand or feel what you are going thru? It's very sad.. Very. but I see in you a resilience? A strong determined woman, struggeling thru a very, very difficult time to say the least! I don't know how you do it without complaining or grumbeling about it but your doing it! Your keeping your self-together inspite of all your set backs.. Many times a set back or mis-fortune is actually a gain. One door close and another opens.. I have to believe something good will come from what you are going thru..and being as intelligent as you are and as emotionally strong as you are. I hope you see the silver lining when all is said & done.. In The mean time..I have you in my positive thoughts & Prayer! for what it's worth! I have a brother going thru exactly what you are..Infact he is still struggeling,,I don't know many people who are not! but whatever your (recipe for survival) thru all your financial & other issues?Maybe this is the silver lining for you to teach others how to survive with out giving up?Maybe thru speaking engagments? or writing? but I have to believe that you can share your Gift of survival with others. This may very well translate into a Income for you?

    AllMy Blessings to You,your Chilren & Your Cat!/s

    Furbabys (Twitter)